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Use and exploitation of Big Data


We are working to unify our databases and deliver segmented content to our users. When we work with data, we always aim for security and quality.

User understanding


We use the most sophisticated technologies in the industry to understand our users and to put them and their requirements at the centre of our developments.

New mobile technologies

60% of our readership comes from smartphones. We are adapting our content and publishing strategies to meet the needs of these devices.

R&D in content and platforms

We continuously strive for new narratives, both graphical and audiovisual, to help increase our readership.

Digital businesses and advertising

We offer branded content solutions and we are improving the quality and visibility of our advertising formats, always respecting the user experience.

Some numbers


different professional profiles in the digital area


different technologies used in the areas of development and strategy


digital projects currently

Areas of work

Digital transformation

Constantly adapting to new challenges and forms of consumption.

Big Data

We look for high quality data, paying special attention to privacy and data regulations.

Vocento Media Lab

Vocento’s laboratory for training, experimenting and innovating.


Our teams work with Methode, WordPress, Gigya, BrightCove, DFP, Chartbeat, Comscore, Google Analytics, Slack, PHP, Symfony and others

Project workshops

 We support methodologies which enable the agile management of our portfolio of projects.

New mobile formats

We are adapting to the latest trends, such as Facebook Instant Articles and GoogleAMP.


A payment-based model providing digital content to our most loyal readers..

Bots and robot journalism

We use chatbots and databases to provide a real-time information service.


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