Because I don’t like routine, my job is perfect for me. It takes me between two different cities and two different worlds. The change from Valencia to Madrid and back again means that I am always experiencing new sensations.


I am a simple person who likes spending time with family and friends. I have worked for many different media for almost 15 years. I like all kinds of music, from Extreme (my favourite song is “More than words”) to Manuel Carrasco. I love going to the movies and to concerts.


My best experience was the birth of my daughter Ana and then two years later her brother Nacho. My passion is pop-rock music and my idols are singers like David Bowie and bands like REM. I admire volunteers who give up their time for charitable projects.


My good fortune is to transform my passion into my job. It is deeply satisfying to me to document life every day with my images and to communicate in the universal language of photography. To work at El Norte de Castilla, and follow in the footsteps of Delibes, Umbral and Jiménez Lozano, is an incredible responsibility.


I enjoy working in a business that it is so dynamic that every day is a new challenge. Oferplan is my first experience in a media company and it could not be more rewarding.

José Cañizares

Some 28 years ago I was hooked for the first time by the unique scents of paper and ink. I enjoy the variety that each day brings and I love working with so many different people to bring our readers and customers the information they need, when they need it.


My first journey outside Europe changed my life. I went to Vietnam and the cultural shock was enormous. I understood for the first time how small my day-to-day world was. Since then I am forever thinking about the next country and culture to discover.


Journalism is an inspiring profession that Gabriel García Márquez described as the best job in the world. It is a unique opportunity to be able to work for ABC, a newspaper that is over 100 years old. Legendary journalists and figures from Spanish literature have written for ABC. It is an inspiration in my daily work for the newspaper.


Why do I do this for a living? I believe that curiosity and the hunger for knowledge have driven me everywhere I have gone.


I have worked in many different editorial areas at ABC. I am now editor-in-chief of the Society section. My other interests include healthcare education and explaining to laypeople advances in science. I admire anonymous heroes, professionals such as healthcare workers who give their all with very little return.

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