A leader in audiovisual production and distribution, Veralia has five production companies with a presence in the main national and regional media as well as one of Spain’s largest film distributors, Veralia Distribución de Cine.


The audiovisual production business is carried out by iZen producciones, which includes all the brands of Veralia Contenidos (Europroducciones, BocaBoca, Hill Valley) and Zebra Producciones (Zebra and Proima Zebrastur). In total, they currently produce more than 1,000 hours a year of entertainment and factual programming, plus around 300 hours of drama, for the main national and regional channels, making the group one of the leaders of the Spanish audiovisual production sector.

In addition, via the international unit IZEN, in which French production company Elephant and Middle Eastern company Imagic are shareholders, the group has a stake in the UK’s Chalkboard, which produces content for BBC, ITV and Sky.


Established in 1991, Europroducciones is one of Spain’s leading production companies. It has a strong track record in many genres, specialising in entertainment programmes and especially magazine formats, competitions and large-format shows  (Grand Prix, Se llama copla, Gana tu suerte, El Cubo, Día a Día, and others), as well as in the creation and production of channels. Each season it launches new successful formats such as Yo Soy del Sure and A Tu Vera for national and regional channels in Spain.

Its methodology for production and for its own formats, always designed to be close to audiences, have won the confidence of the public. It has produced various national channels (Fly Music) and satellite channels (Red 2000, Canal Rural, Canal Iberoamericano), and worked frequently with Onda 6, Punto TV and La 10.


Created in 2000, Zebra began by producing films and in 2003 established Zebra TV to produce the same level of quality for television. Thanks to its development strategy and the extensive experience of its founders, Zebra Producciones produces a wide range of formats, delivering new content to viewers in the shape of drama series and entertainment formats.

ZEBRA produces content for many broadcasters, including four hours per day (via Proima Zebrastur) for the state broadcaster in Asturias, one hour of health programming for TVE with the Centro Medico show, plus the prime time offering Cómo lo ves? for La 1 of TVE.  Historically one of its most successful productions was La Gala Inocente, which was broadcast to large audiences on different television channels for more than 10 years.


With more than two decades of activity, BocaBoca has produced successful films and series for television (23 series) and the cinema (30 films). The production company has always been committed to innovation and has been a pioneer in developing new ideas in genres as different as police procedural (“El comisario”), shows for young adults (“Al salir de clase”), dating shows (“Me gustas tú”), television films (“Rescatando a Sara”, “El Asesinato de Carrero Blanco”, “La piel azul”,…) and most recently, fact-based shows such as documentaries, features and new formats including “Conexión Samanta” and “21 Días”, the hit show of 2009, which was awarded a Premio Ondas for best international show for the “21 Días en la Mina” episode. Some of its films have been remade internationally (including a Dutch version of Planta 4ª in 2014 and Todos los Hombres sois Iguales in 2016 in Latin America). It currently co-produces the Portuguese version of “El Ministerio del Tiempo”.


Since its establishment in 1999, the production company has become one of the leading comedy producers in Spain. It is Veralia’s most youthful production company, creating multimedia products (Enjuto Mojamuto from “Muchachada Nui” has become one of the most popular characters on Facebook, with more visitors than Alejandro Sanz) as well as innovative sitcoms, sketch shows and entertaining game shows aimed at a young audience. A recent highlight is Colegas, a digital series for the PlayZ portal of TVE.


This group company distributes films under the Tripictures brand, for broadcasting on television and other platforms in Spain. The catalogue consists of prestigious and well-known films from European and American studios. It includes more than 200 renowned and often award-winning films, such as The Golden Compass, Alexander, Sex and the City, Arbitrage, Larry Crowne, Asterix, the Family, the Notebook, Final Destination and others.

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