El Norte de Castilla

El Norte de Castilla is inseparable from Castilla y León. Since it was launched in Valladolid in 1854, the oldest newspaper in Spain has accompanied the society of the region through three centuries of events, covering coronations and republics, wars, revolutions and the everyday life of its people.

A newspaper which since its birth has had an agrarian focus, the newspaper has always reflected the development, culture and spirit of the people of its region, who see the publication as a real institution. In more than 160 years of existence, it has helped drive social progress and development in the region. No other newspaper can count among its contributors two editors who have won Cervantes prizes (Miguel Delibes and José Jiménez Lozano) and one who has received a national literature award (Francisco de Cossío). In its careful usage of Castilian, the hallmark of the region, the newspaper has become a beacon for the use of the Spanish language.




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